Mould cleaning & treatment service for walls, ceiling, furniture and all surfaces

We help to eliminate mould/dampness and/or prepare for a renovation

Property needs an efficient mould cleaning?

Professional team, equipment and chemicals

Professional Approach

And excellent results

Reasonable prices

And a lot of special offers for ordering more than 2 units

From 20€/m²

From 250€/property

From 49€/chair

From 79€/sofa

From 15€/m²

From 30€/carpet

From 40€/1 side

From 60€/2 sides

Available Offers

10% off cleaning 2 units      

15% off cleaning 3 units

20% off cleaning 4 units      

25% off cleaning 5 units

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    The best way to get rid of Mold and dampness

    To get rid of mold/dampness from the walls, ceiling, furniture and all surfaces we use only high-quality chemicals and equipment for the best service. The procedure involves several steps:

    1. Evaluation and dust cleaning

    Evaluation of mold level and removing dust, hair, wool using professional brushes (suitable for walls, sofas, carpets and mattresses)

    2. Application of detergent

    Application of a special detergent with/without water over the entire surface; the amount of water depends on the material and the degree of contamination

    3. Mould removal

    Mold/dampness removal with the professional sponges

    4. Extraction and re-spraying (when needed)

    High-pressure suction of dirty water from the surface and re-spraying the chemical with water to remove challenging stains and hard-to-reach areas

    The process above can be repeated several times. It depends on the degree of contamination and will be decided by a specialist.

    Some stains or smells cannot be cleaned due to the age. It is impossible to evaluate the stain age without cleaning it with the professional chemicals.

    The drying process of a sofa/chair/carpet/mattress/canapé/cover/tent of you boat/yacht can take up to 5-6 hours.

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